Seven Dirty Words


Brian Jones – Lead Vocals/Bass

Rodney Peralta – Drums

Andrew Luddy – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Shawn Keeney – Lead & Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals


Sometime in the late 2000’s a couple of rock n’ roll guys started kicking around ideas to start a band that would play fast, dirty, hard edged rock songs with a metal/hard rock/punk influence.  Next came the idea for a name. Something “dirty” to complement the sleazy, sludgy rock they wanted to play.  After contemplating a few different names it then became obvious. What about naming the band after the great George Carlin bit on the “Seven Dirty Words” you can’t say on radio.  The name seemed to fit so away they went working on material.

The band spawned as a 3-piece and in true DYI fashion, recorded their first self-titled demo partly in a garage with the vocals tracked in the back of a Suburban.  After releasing their demo EP the group started performing all around the Southern California area.  They eventually decided to switch it up by adding a second guitar player operating as a 4-piece and went on to record “Hard Boiled and Dirty” EP followed by their first full-length “Blood Highway” LP (released on Loaded Bomb Records).  The album had some airplay most notably on the Jason Ellis show on SiriusXM. During this time they would go out and perform many of the finer and not so finer establishments of the Western US as well as an East coast stint sharing the stage with such acts as Supersuckers, Throw Rag, Zeke and Nashville Pussy.  After some personnel changes the band subsequently went back to a 3-man lineup.  At this time the material that they were working on was released on the “Cheapshot” EP which saw one of their songs licensed by Monster Energy for use in a live event.  This was then followed up with the next full-length LP “Along for the Ride”.  The band, now back to a 4 piece, currently consists of Brian Jones on bass and vocals, Rodney Peralta on Drums, Shawn Keeney and Andrew Luddy on guitars with new material in the works and plans for a third album on the horizon.


“Fast, f@#ked, and furious stuff. Even if you were born with a vagina, you’ll still end up with a pair of thick, hairy balls after hearing this record”
– Sleazegrinder

“This is stripped down speed rock of the variety that gets your blood pumping and has your head spinning”
– Heavy Metal Time Machine/Live4Metal

“reformatting the sissy rock of their musical competitors.”
– OC Music Magazine


Regarding the song “I’m Your Motherf@#ker”:

“That’s a really f@#kin cool thing to say in the middle of a rock n roll song.”
– Jason Ellis on The Jason Ellis show


“plain and simple…they rock!”
– Anonymous


Hard Boiled & Dirty (EP 2008)

Blood Highway (LP 2012 –Loaded Bomb Records)

Cheapshot (EP 2015)

Along for the Ride (LP 2017)